Taking Stock

missing spring again. Berlin weather is unpredictable.

missing spring again. Berlin weather is unpredictable.

Making : I’m into my Hermione’s Everyday Socks, actually onto the second one now! fighting the second sock syndrom!
Cooking : homemade fries in a honey, sea salt, thyme and olive oil marinade!
Drinking : good old plain water.
Reading : Just finished reading Hunger by Knut Hamsun, interesting one.
Wanting : More time and be able to sleep well.
Looking : At maps, the whole time. Maps, Maps, Maps… being a cartographer that is…
Playing : Candy Crush, to help me get tired and fall asleep faster, not working :/
Wasting : Soy and Coconut yoghurt, as it is not yum at all.
Sewing : The Maya dress 
Wishing : I had more time for my thesis, but then time should go faster so my boyfriend would already be here!
Enjoying : Getting back into listening to music!
Waiting : For an appointment about my knees…
Liking : Knitting, being in bed, listening to music and drinking tea.
Wondering : How my parents managed to find my lost gloves in big Berlin.
Loving : The fact that I’ll move soon.
Hoping : I won’t fail my lecturer with my thesis.
Marvelling :
Needing : To get to bed sooner.
Smelling : Nothing as my nose is blocked.
Wearing : Pj’s, the whole day, my Lacrosse sweater and, of course, hand knitted socks.
Following : Too many people and feeling a bit stressed about it sometimes.
Noticing :  I’m so much more relaxed since my parents have left again, they were visiting for six days!
Thinking : I should get this presentation for tomorrow done and then sleep.
Feeling : Not tired, even though it is past 1 am
Bookmarking : Places in Melbourne I want to go to.
Opening : Vegan chocolate I got for Easter. so yum!
Listening : Asgeir

What have you been up to?

thanks to Veggiemama for this.