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A Move and a New Start

Hello everyone,

it has been a while and now it the time to finally shut this blog down and redirect you all to my new one which will, hopefully soon, start fresh.
I have moved 16 000 km to live on a different continent to finally be with the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier, life has taken some different turns from what we have planned this whole new start of life but everything is great. We are growing on all the changes to our Plan A but, you know, Plan B is great too.

So from this one on, this side is dead, come and keep me company at the new one!

Thank you all!

Just a quick one!

A lot has been and is going on at the moment, which is totally normal when moving across the world, so I am very sorry for the lack of information and posts on this blog for the moment.
I am trying to create a new, better side and have my whole yarn adventures a bit better presented for you. When it will be done you ask? I don’t know. I am writing applications for jobs and helping my boyfriend with his uni work at the same time while trying to find some time to knit, too.
So you see, it is very busy over here. And it’s winter! I have been to Melbourne during winter before and it is the same over again. For me this is just a very long autumn. It’s around 10-15 degrees every day but very windy and grey. But at the same time the sun can be very bright and warm you up in an instant but then, just wait a few seconds and you’re in the middle of a rain shower and you don’t know where to take cover!

Ok, I should better get back doing this data extraction for R.
I hope you all are spending your day with a bit more fun than I do 🙂

What time is it again?

It is almost four o’clock, in the morning my dear readers! It’s insane. I don’t feel tired at all. I’m one of the many people that work better when it’s dark outside and there is less traffic and almost no people are online (but then with friends all around the world, this is not a reason anymore). But, working until almost four is maybe a bit, aehm, let’s call it problematic. Especially when one has to work at nine o’clock on Friday. So to break the habit I stayed awake until nine (!!!) on Tuesday and then had a four hour nap and hoped to get tired early but no, worked until late again. This is not a good rhythm. But I have no idea what to do about it… 

At least I got a lot of writing done and I am now onto the analysing part of my thesis and then conclusion and results and stuff. But mostly I am afraid of quotes and the appendix and list of references… Or maybe the statistics for my anlysing part? Aaaaah! This is all insane! 

Deadline 4th of June!!! 

knitting WIP’s and more links

So today I thought I will share a bit about the projects I am working on at the moment!

WIPs #1

WIPs #1

ok, So appologiese from the beginning for these very bad iPhone pictures. I have my Olympus camera right next to me, but can’t be bothered. Sorry…
My WIPs at the moment:

  • My first LOKI cardigan, which I am knitting for my little niece in Australia. I finally did the steek on Sunday, which you probably have read about already 😉 so now it is again on my to do list, find a zipper and sew it in… how long will this take?
  • The Age of Brass and Steam kerchief made out of yarn I bought in Chile back in November last year! The first project with any of the many yarns I brought back. I’m on the last rows but still undecided how to end it … Been like this for weeks now  oh oh.
  • My rainbow blanket! I started with the edging now and boy is this stupid to knit! So many stitches! I’m onto row three now out of nine maybe? I’m also wondering if I should add some colour to the edge or not? Probably not, the grey and the coloured yarn is not the same ply so it might not look too nice?
  • My first pair of socks I am knitting for myself! Its the free Hermione’s Everyday Socks Pattern and I am trying to enter the KAL hosted by Yarnderwoman
  • I started the Riddari Jumper for my boyfriend but so far I don’t have a lot going on… But I know as soon as I am into it, this jumper will fly off my needles quickly! Remember how I knitted mine in only NINE days???
  • I am test knitting the Olivia shawl for my lovely chilean friend Nina ! I’m happy I don’t have to finish in time, but I really enjoy knitting on this. It is very easy to memorise and I can’t wait to see it all blocked. And this is a special project to me as I bought the yarn together with Nina in Santiago!
  • And the Fabel yarn on the top is going to become a cardigan! One of my boyfriends cousins is expecting a baby in August, a girl, so it will be fun to knit this. There is so much baby knitting going on at the moment, Lea is knitting for her sister who is expecting and yesterday I found out that a dear friend is expecting a baby in late October too! So exciting! I think most of my stash will go to projects for little ones 🙂

Other then this, what else is going on knitting or yarn related wise?

The lovely Lea has started a podcast which is so adorable 😉 She lives in Paris and I love following her on instagram and seeing all the things she knits!

I don’t have to tell you that I am a big fan of Ninas podcast, right? If you haven’t checked her out, go and do it now! It is just as if we were back in Santiago having lunch, seems like she is a podcasting natural!

I am also following Vicky on both instagram and her blogg, she has recently started to dye yarn and the pictures just look so so great! I’ve contacted her about maybe collaborating for a giveaway on the podcast? Stay tuned for more information on that, so exciting!


The Berliner Dom and the Alexander TV Tower

I have been working today again, we had a really lovely day in Berlin today! It was almost up to 22°C ! I was missing my sandals badly but soon. I just can’t get sick at the moment, too much going on! But I got all my plants back (I had them at a friends to take care of them while my apartment got renovated while I was in Australia), had a jummie vegan Burger with friends and just enjoyed the sun!

I am not too sure when I will have time to record a new podcast, make sure to follow the Chanel on youtube and come and join the group on Ravelry, it always makes me happy if you comment and interact with me :*

Monday already?

Time is flying fast right now people! It’s only 97 days until I fly to Australia! So excited!

So what has happened lately?
I have done my first two pre tests for the experiment for my thesis and both of them went very well. Or of course I had little problems with the equipment but the actual thing I am doing and investigating or how ever you would call it, worked just as I hoped for! Bähm! Great.

We have had wonderful weather over the weekend, which was great! On Sunday after the test a friend of mine and I went and had some soy icecream in a newly open cafe in my neighbourhood, which is crazy, we then went to a garden around here and enjoyed the sun. Lovely.

I’ve been writing with Nina (fuzzyloveknots or nlafountain) and she motivated me to finally finish my Amber vest !!! I was so worried the whole time that I wouldn’t have enough yarn, and yes, I did actually buy one more skein of the one yarn (the whole garment is knit out of four different yarns!)  and I got to use some scrap yarn as the other type has still not arrived at one of my LYS… don’t care anymore. And I’ve been wearing it ever since 🙂 I hope I will get some nicer pictures at some point (wow I’m hoping this about my Riddari too… so it won’t happen probably…)

The week ahead:
Monday: work on my thesis, do washing, grocery shopping
Tuesday: work, maybe another test, then university
Wednesday: experiment! 10-17 o’clock
Thursday: experiment!
Friday: experiment!
Saturday: experiment Hopefully only one

Other then that, I have also finished my Nurmilintu shawl as I though I would need the needles for the test knit I am doing for the above mentioned lovely Nina 🙂

So now I will continue watching Juniper Grace, look at some more apartments in Melbourne and think about dinner…

Taking Stock

missing spring again. Berlin weather is unpredictable.

missing spring again. Berlin weather is unpredictable.

Making : I’m into my Hermione’s Everyday Socks, actually onto the second one now! fighting the second sock syndrom!
Cooking : homemade fries in a honey, sea salt, thyme and olive oil marinade!
Drinking : good old plain water.
Reading : Just finished reading Hunger by Knut Hamsun, interesting one.
Wanting : More time and be able to sleep well.
Looking : At maps, the whole time. Maps, Maps, Maps… being a cartographer that is…
Playing : Candy Crush, to help me get tired and fall asleep faster, not working :/
Wasting : Soy and Coconut yoghurt, as it is not yum at all.
Sewing : The Maya dress 
Wishing : I had more time for my thesis, but then time should go faster so my boyfriend would already be here!
Enjoying : Getting back into listening to music!
Waiting : For an appointment about my knees…
Liking : Knitting, being in bed, listening to music and drinking tea.
Wondering : How my parents managed to find my lost gloves in big Berlin.
Loving : The fact that I’ll move soon.
Hoping : I won’t fail my lecturer with my thesis.
Marvelling :
Needing : To get to bed sooner.
Smelling : Nothing as my nose is blocked.
Wearing : Pj’s, the whole day, my Lacrosse sweater and, of course, hand knitted socks.
Following : Too many people and feeling a bit stressed about it sometimes.
Noticing :  I’m so much more relaxed since my parents have left again, they were visiting for six days!
Thinking : I should get this presentation for tomorrow done and then sleep.
Feeling : Not tired, even though it is past 1 am
Bookmarking : Places in Melbourne I want to go to.
Opening : Vegan chocolate I got for Easter. so yum!
Listening : Asgeir

What have you been up to?

thanks to Veggiemama for this.

Not according to plan…

so this morning I somehow ended my alarm and continued sleeping just until I woke up by my flatmate leaving for work, at around ten. Wasn’t I supposed to be in university for a meeting at ten? Oh shit. So I wrote a quick mail to my colleague asking if it would be ok to reschedule to tomorrow, no biggie. So instead of then using the time and read for my thesis my knees hurt so badly I just moved to the other side of my bed and continued sleeping, until midday or rather one thirty… Worried about my knees still being in pain I finally got up and dressed and on my way to a friends uncle who is supposed to be a really good doctor… I missed my bus stop and had to walk in this shitty rain, as weather in berlin just sucks atm, arrived and it was bad. The waiting room full with people and the line to get to the reception almost leading out into the hallway… So I waited for like 45 min, nothing really happened during that time but my knees getting worse from standing the whole time, so I then decided to just go home again and try again, maybe tomorrow… 

Back home I took some time to get my papers organised and to clean my desk, a never ending story, did some mapping but still can’t decide on a route and three rows of unravelling and one row of knitting. 

Now time to sleep as tomorrow’s sure can’t oversleep again! 

Back in Berlin

So I arrived back in berlin already a few days ago but, life is a giant mess right now. While I was gone our landlord finally decided to start fixing our flooring and bathroom problem, which we had since begin of July!
So in mid December a bunch of tradies came and started demolishing our bathroom and the room next to it, like completely demolish! A giant hole in the flat kind of thing, it only took them a day! And then new structure got in and before Christmas the new concrete floor was in and supposed to dry until after new year so they could continue working to be done by the time I would be back in Berlin. Ha ha. Let me laugh here, heavily. Of course they are not done, not even nearly.
I arrived to a flat almost completely covered in dust. My room, just grey, everywhere. I have to wash just everything. Thanks to my flatmates not covering my door properly :/ bummer.
So now I’m sleeping in one of my flatmates room while he is visiting his girlfriend, debating every time I need to use the bathroom if I really have to as I have to leave my building and enter another one via the courtyard and then three stories up again. Bummer.
So I’m not in a happy place right now, and some really important uni dates are coming up too, as in exams and projects and presentation and the finalisation of the topic for my thesis! All by the end of January.
And all I want is stay in bed (preferable my bed which I still have to wash) and knit while catching up on podcasts and tv series…


It’s packing madness here at my place right now.

My train to my parents place is tomorrow at 11:38 or so and until then I have to figure out what to take with me, not only to my parents where it is really cold right now, but also for my holidays in Australia. Who again thought it would be a good idea to fly from Munich and not Berlin? Arg, I could kill myself!!!
Well, well. That’s how it is now. not much to do about it. So I’m cleaning up my room and getting it tidy and packing… A few friends came over and we had a beer or two and some red wine and I’d rather sleep right now but my suitcase won’t pack itself unfortunately!

I’d guess, next time you here from me is from down under.