Just a quick one!

A lot has been and is going on at the moment, which is totally normal when moving across the world, so I am very sorry for the lack of information and posts on this blog for the moment.
I am trying to create a new, better side and have my whole yarn adventures a bit better presented for you. When it will be done you ask? I don’t know. I am writing applications for jobs and helping my boyfriend with his uni work at the same time while trying to find some time to knit, too.
So you see, it is very busy over here. And it’s winter! I have been to Melbourne during winter before and it is the same over again. For me this is just a very long autumn. It’s around 10-15 degrees every day but very windy and grey. But at the same time the sun can be very bright and warm you up in an instant but then, just wait a few seconds and you’re in the middle of a rain shower and you don’t know where to take cover!

Ok, I should better get back doing this data extraction for R.
I hope you all are spending your day with a bit more fun than I do 🙂


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