It’s been awhile, I know. My wordpress app on my phone is not working and I don’t have much time at the computer so, take this as my apology! But here I am.

The trip down south to my family was nice and I met up with some old, dear friends of mine and got to finally meet one of my oldest friends mini! She just looks exactly like her when she was young! Incredible!

The flight over to Australia was fine too and one of the first things over here was fixing my bank account und a tax file number so now I only need to find a job. For a while I might just work in hospitality, not sure yet.

The trip up to Queensland was very interesting too, my first Australian wedding, and very different to what I am used to from Germany. Oh well, I haven’t been to too many weddings anyway. But it was very lovely and I enjoyed it a lot.

Now we are back in Melbourne, looking for work, feeding cats and searching for an apartment.

I’m constantly tired and have no motivation doing much, still jet lagged 😦 Hope I find soon some time to post about all the latest trips etc.

Until then!


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