A new week.

another week has started, again ?! Time is running it seems like, so so quickly. 

Monday: working on my thesis (well that worked out a little bit)

Tuesday: working 3/4 day, thesis

Wedneaday: working full day, stopping at ikea to buy some things for the room

Thursday: babysitting and thesis, our new flatmate is moving in. 

Friday: thesis

Saturday: the first lacrosse match of the new season! Unfortunately I’m not playing as my knee is still too bad. 

Sunday: thesis

Every time I take my knitting up, I have a bad feeling for not doing anything for my thesis. Such madness! I’m still waiting for my boyfriends measurements to start his riddari. So I castes on a cardigan for myself! How did that happen? But I also got some leaves on the Saroyan done! Almost at the decrease section! The sock is hibbernating and my mum was a bit shocked when I told her I was knitting socks, very funny. 

Other news, I booked my plane ticket to melbourne! So excited! Only 133 days to go! So much to do! But I have a countdown and what is more motivation then a countdown??? Right! 


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