Get me out of here…

So a short sign of life.
I’m in Valparaiso, Chile right now and as the title says I’d rather be somewhere else…
Travelling alone is no big deal to me but if you stay in a hostel and you’re the only guest, how are you supposed to meet other travellers???
I’m enjoying my time in Chile mostly but tonight I really realised how strange it feels if you are different to everyone else.
I went out from my hostel which is located in one of the hills of Valparaiso to buy some food, it was already dark and I have not met any other travellers so I was the only white, blond, tall(for Chilean standards) female person walking around and you won’t believe how unpleasant that was. So unpleasant I just went to a minimarket to buy some water, chips and biscuits and then went straight back to the hostel via all those strange staircases!
And then I’ve been watching the latest yarnderwoman and Juniper Grace podcasts while knitting and am seriously sad I took the jumper and not the cardigan as a project with me…
And the whole time there is a “storm” going on outside and the Chilean family who runs the hostel and is not speaking a word of English is watching tv very loudly in the room next to where I’m staying. So, enjoy the pictures and please, get me out of here!




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