To new adventures!

It’s less then 15 hours I will be on an airplane to Santiago de Chile to visit an old friend of mine and his girlfriend and I couldn’t be more excited!
Time flew by so so quickly the last weeks that I kind of still haven’t realised I will fly out tomorrow! And I still haven’t done all my packing nor reading about what to do there!

I just did a very quick google search “What to do in Santiago de Chile” and now I have a little idea about what I will do.


So here is a small list of what I want to do, and we will then find out what I actually did 🙂

  • Climb the Cerro San Cristóbal or Cerro Santa Lucia to get a nice view of the city and the mountains! I hope my knee will allow me to do this!
  • Do sightseeing in Santiago and visit all the interesting buildings like Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago, the Museo Histórico Nacional and Museo Bellas Artes too
  • Of course do a bit of shopping, mostly yarns though, lucky me my suitcase is half empty!
  • Eat a lot of local delicious food! My friends already told me about the sea food and fruits and veggies! I’m so excited! I hope I won’t have any bad allergy reactions though! And visit Mercado Central
  • Have a nice walk through Barrio Bellas Artes and Parque Forestal and hopefully knit a little bit in the sun!
  • Drink a lot of Wine!

I also hope to visit Valparaíso and maybe do a trip to the Andes!

But now, I have to finish packing, get some dinner and clean up my room and tick of a lot more things from my massiv long to do list!


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