What’s on my needles right now?

Ok, here just a quick look at what’s on my needles right now!

Amber vest, Picture from Ravelry user tommystar

I finally bought wool for this Amber Vest by Helga Isager. I just love the book and the vest is on the front so of course I have to knit it! This pattern was the reason why I bought the book in the first place. I bought yarn from DROPS and I’m knitting with my favourite Drops Alpaca yarn and Drops Brushed Alpaca silk, Drops Karisma and Drops Lace. It is not the same as the Isager yarns but if I would have bought Isager yarn it would have cost me 85 € and I just don’t have that much money and I love the Drops yarns anyway, plus they have a 25% discount on all alpaca yarns at the moment! win win!

Daffodil Cardigan, picture by ravelry user annakatrina

I bought Isager yarn (Peruvian Highland Wool) for this cardigan (again a Helga Isager pattern) which will be a christmas present for my boyfriends sister. The front has the same love lace structur too and it only needs 200 g do I bought the real wool and I know the recipient of this cardigan deserves it!

Pigeon Jumper, by ravelry user LottieLussekatt (me)

And I’m knitting the Pigeon Jumper also by Helga Isager for little F, but it looks quite big so I’m thinking about putting this one aside and starting with the construction of a Lacrosse Jumper! I want to re-knit our jersey but make it into a woolen jumper. I already bought some wool for the prototype and it will be a kids jumper to try it out first…

I also have a pair of handwarmers on my needles, my rainbow blanket which needs steeking and my herringbone scarf which need the ends sewn into and blocked. oh and my leaving cowl needs blocking and my riddari too!!!


6 thoughts on “What’s on my needles right now?

  1. The sweater you made for your sister is gorgeous. I saw a woman on the street wearing an oversized cardigan with a back that look exactly like your version and I took a picture, hoping to be able to replicate it on my own. Now, I know where to find the pattern! So glad I stumbled onto your blog! 🙂


    • Be aware that the pattern is really badly written. At least the German one but I also found some people on ravelry complaining about it too! I’m on row 23/115 of the back part right now and finally that I have rewritten the pattern it is actually fun and not making me crack it at the silly book all the time I found mistakes!


      • I’ll probably upload my charts to ravelry once the cardigan is done. There are already charts on ravelry but the user knitted with a different yarn so I was not able to use her charts so I made them up again 😉 so you could also just wait but I don’t know how long I’ll take but it is supposed to be done by Christmas 🙂


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