Taking stock

Let’s try a bit of this before I get some nice pictures to share, thanks to Stacy for the idea!

Making : knitting my riddari jumper, sleeves are just boring…
Cooking : sweet potato and red lentil soup with home baked bread
Drinking : Federweiser
Reading: Martin Suter – Die Zeit, die Zeit
Wanting: A nice warm autumn
Looking: at a messy room
Playing: two dots
Wasting: flour while baking
Sewing: still undecided which dress to sew for little F
Wishing: it were a bit warmer
Enjoying: free time
Waiting: to meet my sisters new dog
Liking: lots of patterns on ravelry
Wondering: how next university semester will be
Loving: only one.
Hoping: for no rain tonight.
Marvelling: all the riddari jumpers that are already done
Needing: more free time
Smelling: the stale air in my room
Wearing: my mums old denim skirt, a knitted jumper and a scarf. no socks, so lights
Following: –
Noticing: the leaves started to fall from the trees
Knowing: Tomorrow is the official start of autumn!
Thinking: I want to read more before the end of 2014
Feeling: lost a bit
Bookmarking: Cucumber lemonade and how to steek
Opening: a new bottle of Federweiser tonight
Giggling: at the fact that I am finally not alone in the flat anymore!
Listening: always Chet Faker it seems like. oh an James Blake.

What’s happening with you?


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